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Cleaning Services

Our staff are vetted by the Ministry of Justice. Each year our staff are scrutinised with strict background checks, the same check that is performed on our security staff. We know our staff are trustworthy and honest.

Cleaning Services

With Complete Confidence

Our staff are personally selected for their attention to detail so you can arrive at work each morning and find it clean, fresh and ready for your day.



We create systems with you such as an on-site Log Book.The Log Book allows us to communicate with you, informing you of what we have achieved during our visit as well other things you should know about -such as heaters left on, windows left open, or computers left on that shouldn't.



While we can work with the cleaning products you prefer, we can recommend a range of environmentally friendly products that achieve just the same level of cleanliness and sanitisation – while not harming our planet or your work environment.

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  • Hygiene Services
  • Security Screened Staff
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"After two years of total dissatisfaction with our last cleaners, the positive comments from our staff after Corporate Cleaning Solutions’ first night were incredible! Someone even said – hey they've even cleaned the tops of the cupboards!"

"CCS security focus was a good selling point for us because we have confidential client documents everywhere. We also didn't feel comfortable about leaving any valuables lying around before – but we do now."

"Even though we had a cleaning schedule with our former cleaners, our Log Book used to be full of requests to please clean this or that. Now the only comment we put in is "Thank you". They even let us know if we have left windows open!"

Staples Rodway, Chartered Accountants, New Plymouth